Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Crape Myrtles

These are the Crape Myrtles that I have in my back yard. I have 5 total, these two are dwarf ones and the other 3 are more tree like, the tree like ones haven't started blooming yet. This area is still a work in progress as far as plantings and such, behind the Myrtles are Irises that have multiplied since we moved to TX 3 years ago, I need to move them cuz the Myrtles are starting to hide them. The Crape Myrtles smell so good when they are in full bloom. These two are my pink the tree like ones I have one white and 2 lavender colored ones. They are by far my favorite "plants" in Texas and they are everywhere.


Becki said...

How beautiful these are!!!! Did you plant them or were they already there? Our Iris' are finished blooming now.

Bonnie said...

Thanks for naming the plant for me. I have these Mrtyles in my backyard too. They were there already when we moved in.