Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Craft Area

Here are some pictures of my craft area. It isn't big but it is my little slice of Heaven. :) I finally got it all cleaned and organized so that I could take pictures. My table is actually a cutting table that Richard got my at Joann's. I love it, it has lots of open space. The ink holder is an old cassette tape holder that we had laying around the house so I decided to recycle it along with the T.V. stand that sits on the side of my table. The area is supposed to be a sitting area, but I think it is better as a craft area. LOL The big cabinet is one of those that you are supposed to use in a garage but we thought it would work really good as a craft cabinet, it holds a lot of stuff. Which is good as I have a lot of stuff, just ask DH he says that I have a "mini" Michael's up there. LOL The wall opposite my table is where I hang all the kids art work that they make for me, except for my cloud that my DS made me it sits on the wall in front of me. That is where he wanted me to put it.


Bonnie said...

Great looking space!

Kim said...

Your craft area is really nice! I think I have a mini Michaels going on too!